BiblioBanners®  are digital library images customized to your specifications for size, color, text and application and printed as:

    Reader Images Library Signage  

  Media Center Senior Teen Writer  

  Picture Books Historical Fiction Graphic Novels  

  Display Cubes Library Banners Library Promotion  


BiblioBanners® - Library Graphics Printed to Your Specifications

"Biblio" derives from the French, and before that Latin and Greek, "biblion" meaning "book." For centuries, a French "bibliotheque" has been a place to house many books arranged in order.

BiblioBanners® are digital graphic designs created specifically to help you decorate your library. The images become informational library signage when you add text. They enhance your library's visual appeal and its user-friendliness for your 21st century patrons of all ages.

These library images are designed for effective large format presentation, but they can be reduced and modified for small formats as well. Ask BibiloBanners to match your colors, add text, or modify graphics to fit the decor and signage needs of your library. The graphics are typically printed on fabric, vinyl (indoor or outdoor) or cardstock.

Digital photographs, e-mail exchanges, phone consultations, and PDF proofs facilitate collaboration between you and our BiblioBanner's designer (who is an experienced school media specialist) at minimal or no additional cost.

Library Promotion - Inside and Out

Your library or media center is a community investment. You provide user and circulation statistics to the budget department or committee to earn their continued financial support. PTAs and Friends of the Library are often sources of both funding and volunteers. However, your library promotion is what brings patrons in. Your collection development and organization, friendly and helpful service, effective library signage, and your attractive and welcoming facility are what keeps them coming back.

How is your curb appeal? Does your library promotion catch the eye of potential patrons, the ones driving by instead of stopping in? Are they noticing colorful library posters on bulletin boards and in windows as they work and shop in your community? After class, do students come in or do they walk by your library? Promotion can be as simple as a colorful library banner over the entrance or a double-sided library poster in the window (one that looks good indoors, too).

What impression does your library make on the visitor? Does it look welcoming and vibrant? Have you found a way to minimize clutter? Are your library signs visible from a distance, meaningful to the user, complementary to the interior design, and part of a total library signage plan that looks professional?

Information Environment - Library Signage

Libraries of the 21st century have already managed exciting challenges. No longer a place to house only books, they have accommodated the audio and visual technologies. Since the 1970s, they have grown with the information explosion to embrace the unlimited possibilities of the computer and the on-line world.

With that information explosion has come not only the vast amount of information, but also great speed of transmission and visual appeal. Today’s library user comes from a world of lively graphics and ready access to information.

Is that the kind of world he enters at your library door? Is the place visually appealing? Welcoming? Does she soon know where to start? Can she find her own way?

The library environment, from the first step in the door, is as much an informational tool as are the resources housed there. Patrons make way-finding decisions as they move through the facility. Just as they look for directional cues in an airport, in a hospital, in a discount store, they need meaningful visual cues in the library.

Does your library signage do that for them? Can they read your signs from a distance? Do your visual cues give them answers at every point where they need to make a decision? Or is the library staff constantly answering basic, directional questions? Or does the patron leave, frustrated and disappointed?

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